Console commands

Useful console commands:

bind — binds a command to a key
clear — clears the console
clientCallVote — call a vote: clientCallVote si_.. proposed_value
clientVote — cast your vote: clientVote yes | no
compressDemo — compresses a demo file
connect — connects to a server
crash — causes a crash (haha why do you need this?)
devmap — loads a map in developer mode
disconnect — disconnects from a game
error — causes an error (lol why you still need this)
exec — executes a config file
exit — exits the game
gameKick — same as kick, but recognizes player names
getFriends — gets your list of friends
getServers — get all of the servers from the master server
gfxInfo — show graphics info
heartbeat — send a heartbeat to the the master servers
help — shows help
hitch — hitches the game
in_restart — restarts the input system
kick — kick a client by connection number
kill — kills the player
lanScan — scans LAN for servers
listBinds — lists key bindings
listClients — list all clients connected to the server
listCmds — lists commands
listCvars — lists cvars
listServers — lists scanned servers
netScan — scans internet for servers
nextMap — loads the next map on the server
playNetDemo — playback a network demo
playNetTimeDemo — run a timedemo on a network demo
promptKey — prompt and sets the CD Key
quit — quits the game
rcon — sends remote console command to server
reconnect — reconnect to the last server we tried to connect to
recordNetDemo — recordDemo start recording a network demo
removeClientFromBanList — removes a client id from the ban list
removeFriend — removes a friend
s_restart — restarts the sound system
say — text chat
sayTeam — team text chat
screenshot — takes a tga screenshot
screenshotJpeg — takes a jpg screenshot
serverForceReady — force all players ready (q4base)
serverInfo — shows server info
serverMapRestart — restart the current game
serverNextMap — change to the next map
spawnServer — spawns a server
stopNetDemo — stop playing/recording a network demo
unbind — unbinds any command from a key
unbindall — unbinds any commands from all keys
verifyServerSettings — verifies the game type can be played on the map
vid_restart — restarts renderSystem

Useful console variables:

com_allowConsole — allow toggling console with the tilde key
com_compressDemos — Compression scheme for demo files
0: None (Fast, large files)
1: LZW (Fast to compress, Fast to decompress, medium/small files)
2: LZSS (Slow to compress, Fast to decompress, small files)
3: Huffman (Fast to compress, Slow to decompress, medium files)
See also: The 'CompressDemo' command
com_guid — shows your guid in console, can't be changed through concole
com_showFPS — show frames rendered per second
demo_scale — speed scaling of demo replays
g_crosshairColor — sets the combat crosshair color
g_crosshairCustom — sets the custom combat crosshair
g_crosshairCustomFile — stores the custom crosshair's filename
g_crosshairSize — crosshair size: 16, 24, 32, 40, 48
g_doubleVision — show double vision when taking damage
g_friendsList — Friends List
g_gameReviewPause — scores review time in seconds (at end game)
Gun position:
g_gunViewStyle — style presets 0 = Q3 style 1 = Shouldered style
g_muzzleFlash — show muzzle flashes
g_projectileLights — show dynamic lights on projectiles
g_skipFX — disables all effects
g_skipItemShadowsMP — disables all item shadows in multiplayer
g_skipParticles — disables particles
g_skipPlayerShadowsMP — disables all player shadows in multiplayer
g_skipViewEffects — skip damage and other view effects
m_pitch — mouse pitch scale
m_showMouseRate — shows mouse movement
m_smooth — number of samples blended for mouse viewing
m_yaw — mouse yaw scale
net_clientLagOMeter — draw prediction graph
net_clientPrediction — additional client side prediction in milliseconds
net_clientRemoteConsoleAddress — remote console address
net_clientRemoteConsolePassword — remote console password
pm_crouchbob — bob much faster when crouched
r_aspectRatio — aspect ratio of view: 0 = 4:3 1 = 16:9 2 = 16:10
r_brightness — changes gamma tables
r_customHeight — custom screen height. set r_mode to -1 to activate
r_customWidth — custom screen width. set r_mode to -1 to activate
r_fixedHorizFOV — vertical stretch for letterboxed cinematics authored for 4:3 aspect
r_fullscreen — 0 = windowed, 1 = full screen
r_gamma — changes gamma tables
r_mode — video mode number
r_multiSamples — number of antialiasing samples
sys_lang — active language
ui_clan — player clan
ui_name — player name
ui_ready — player is ready to start playing
ui_showGun — show gun
ui_spectate — play or spectate
ui_team — player team